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How it Works Discover how we're all related

Cousin reveals how you're related to other members of the global family. Whether you want to learn how you're related to your Facebook friends, significant other, or Taylor Swift, Cousin will show you how you're connected.

  • Join the FamilyHarness our secure relative matching technology by first entering your family's information to get connected to our global family tree.
  • Get ConnectedDiscover how you're related, instantly! Cousin provides you with a simple, easy to read breakdown of how you're connected.
  • Build RelationshipsLearn about the connections you never knew you had. Have fun seeing how you and your new found cousins are related.

About Explore your family connections

Discover distant cousins like never before! We are all related somehow. Cousin introduces to your relatives from all around the world.


Features Match with celebrities, friends, and family

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  3. Connect with Celebrities
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